Play Amazon’s story! The goal of faberNovel’s white paper dedicated to Amazon is to elaborate how the American retail empire was built, around three main digital engines. To accompany this indepth analysis, faberNovel designed a mini-game based on the famous “Snake”. Your goal: driving Amazon through 16 years of acquisitions.

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Customer Experience

How to play?

Use the arrow keys of your keyboard to head toward items representing Amazon’s acquisitions.


Each company bought by Amazon brings assets to the group (points in the game) divided into three categories :
- improving customer experience (yellow)
- broadening the customer base in order to increase market opportunities (blue),
- and recruiting new talents (grey)

Amazon Study

To go further and discover the 3 main engines of Amazon’s success, view or download our free study : the Hidden Empire
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"Terrific slides on Amazon’s breath in the market place, and how to fear customers rather than competitors" – @angusjdmurray

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