Where do Geeks hang out when they are not busy building the next big thing? Fortunately they have the pleasant habit of geotagging.
faberNovel took the opportunity to create an interactive map of hip places in Paris. Updated in real time, it’s they best way to be aware of the nocturnal wandering of Geeks, boys or girls!

What is a Geek ?

Originally the word “geek” refers to people who are passionate about a specific domain. By extension, it refers specifically to overly intellectual computer enthusiasts.

If we had to draw the portrait of a typical geek, he would be fond of science, technology and science fiction. It results in activities such as role play, programming or video games.

In recent years (at least in France) with the broader access to the Internet, the term has partly lost its pejorative meaning, and is used to designate any person related in any way to these themes.

Geek is chic !

Who would have predicted 15 years ago, that the most trendy places of Paris would host geeks? Here is a data visualization of their favorite spots.

Passion for technology used to mean social exclusion. Today, Geek is chic, they startup, they tweet and they even throw Angry Birds on pigs without looking lame!

Under these conditions it’s only normal to find them in the coolest spots of the French capital!


This map displays the visualization of Foursquare check-ins for a selection of trendy places in Paris

The size of the circle is proportional to the number of people who checked in in each location. Colors distinguish the places where women outnumber men (pink), the places were men are in majority (blue) and tie (purple)

Now you can choose where to go out in Paris!

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